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    Common Faults and measures marking machine

    發布日期:2012-10-30  信息來源:Hebei Yinhe bearing Co., Ltd.

    Common Faults and measures marking machine
    Laser marking machine common fault and treatment measures:
    1. Not used a lot of new equipment, the laser output power of the laser is weak reasons:
    ① Factory laser output power measured whether the technical indicators;
    ② Cavity adjustment accuracy to meet the requirements;
    ③ All-trans diaphragm whether there is light leakage;
    ④ Acousto-optical switch insertion loss is within a predetermined range.
    2.Laser marking machine used for some time, the reasons for the decline of the laser output power of the laser:
    ① Laser resonator whether changes: fine-tuning the resonant cavity lens, the best output spot;
    ② All-trans and output diaphragm defaced phenomenon;
    ③ Acousto-optic crystal offset low energy or power output of the sound and light: adjust the sound and light crystal position;
    ④ Set the temperature difference between ambient temperature of the cooling water temperature is more than 5 °C;
    ⑤ Krypton lamp life has expired;
    ⑥ Into the galvanometer laser off-center: adjust the laser;
    ⑦ If the current transferred 20A photosensitive still strong enough: krypton lights aging, replacement lights.
    3. Laser marking machine laser output power, the laser beam can not play the role of marking:
    ① Optical system adjustment is accurate;
    ② Sound and light switch is able to play a switch role;
    ③ D / A card control sound and light output signal whether the 5V.
    4. Laser marking machine sound and light switch can not switch the laser effect reasons:
    ① Sound and light power RF output power is normal;
    ② Power switch is in the correct position;
    ③ RF cable connection is reliable;
    ④ Q switch light end face of the presence of a stain phenomenon.
    5. Laser marking machine can not achieve the desired the marking depth reasons:
    ① Whether the laser output power to meet the requirements;
    ② Sound and light switch off power whether or not to meet the requirements;
    ③ Optical adjustment is accurate;
    ④ Beam expander position, the reorientation is accurate;
    ⑤ lens surface contamination;
    ⑥ whether the workpiece surface in the focal plane;
    ⑦ laser power output DC voltage of 28V is decreased, leading to the decline of the laser output power.
    6. Laser Marking Machine krypton lamp not ignited reasons:
    ① Krypton lamp has reached the end of its life;
    ② Krypton lamp both ends of the electrodes to the laser power cable links is solid;
    ③ Laser power supply is operating normally.
    7. Laser Marking Machine D / A card showed several major problems:
    ① 8 feet, no sound and light open signal (5V), resulting in the sound and light power can not be opened;
    ②The analog signal output can not accurately reflect the design content that garbled phenomena;
    ③ AD7237 is not working properly, the phenomenon manifested as a dotted line to print lines.
    8. laser marking machine galvanometer scan head showed several major problems:
    ① Standard print into a trapezoidal or diamond-shaped square;
    ②The square the border occurred pincushion or barrel distortion.
    9.Laser marking machine galvanometer scan head print distortion solution:
    ① Produce pincushion or barrel distortion galvanometer marking an inherent, it is determined by galvanometer scanning. The solution is to perform signal correction of the distortion;
    ② Correction, there are two ways, a hardware calibration with less. Another software correction, which is the use of a more;
    ③ Hardware calibration method is the D / A card analog signal output by a correction card according to certain rules to change the voltage value, then the signal is sent to the scanner lens;
    ④ Software correction is marking software with correction function, marking the first digital signal processing in accordance with the method, then the signal is sent to the D / A card.
    10. laser marking machine laser printing dashed lines like:
    ① Signal line is connected, there Weld;
    ② Vibration lens drive plate to the motor cable if there is a problem;
    ③ D / A card into the ISA slot position is correct;
    The ④ AD7237 is working properly.
    11. Laser standard circuitry problem:
    ① The long run, krypton lamp wiring loose ends, resulting in the the krypton lamp point noncombustible or ignition phenomenon appears;
    ② Due to the long-running, the air conditioning is not cooling phenomenon should first identify each connected components are securely fastened, followed by the upper and lower limits of the temperature controller temperature setting should be checked whether it is reasonable. The upper and lower limits of the temperature controller should be set according to the ambient temperature ± 4 ° C values. If there is Freon leak phenomenon, connecting parts should be reinforced, and professionals add Freon.
    12. Laser optical path, marking machine problem:
    ① Long run, krypton lamps are aging, leading to the decline in the laser output power;
    (2) Long-running medium diaphragm with varying degrees of defacement, totally reflecting mirror light leakage or lower output power;
    ③ Since the human factor, the customer side in not understand the specific case, adjusting the position of the resonant cavity or medium for the position of the diaphragm, resulting in the decline in laser output power or the laser divergence angle becomes large, resulting in the output laser position changed greatly.
    13. Laser marking machine beam expander to adjust the problem:
    ① Beam expander adjustment requirements: the incident light into beam expander hole center, the outgoing light in the light exit aperture center;
    ② Beam expander to adjust the quality of the laser marking effect has a great influence. Mainly in:
    a Decline in laser power;
    b Marking format laser intensity is uneven;
    computer software design center deviate from the vibration lens the photophysical center;
    d. Beam expander can not play.
    14. Laser marking machine laser output beam flicker:
    ① Cavity adjustment is accurate;
    ② Diaphragm frame is fixed firmly;
    ③ Condenser chamber fixed if there is a problem;
    ④The YAG crystals Fixed is snug enough.
    15. Should pay attention to. The laser marking PROLASE software PLT file is called:
    ① Dwg file into the plt file to the printer settings;
    ② The graphic size ② call from the new adjustments;
    ③ Zoom in and out to use a fixed proportion, avoid designing graphics distortion.

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